To the right is a scenario sheet which gives the background of the task as well as the 3 individual tasks required to complete this project:

Note: This project should be independent of the teacher. However your teacher will demonstrate to the class some skills/tips throughout the project; listen very carefully as it may apply to your individual project; it is up to you to decide if you should apply it your your work, your teacher will be unable to give individual guidance, but can to the whole class. You should also be aware that if you have your own ideas but are not able to create it or have problems, you can ask for help!



Once your teacher has taught you how to use mediator these videos and resources may be of help as you create your project:


Here are some tips for each section of the coursework:

LO1: Design
LO2: Create
LO3: Test


Below are some individual resources that I have put online that you may find of use:

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Links to SWF flash Disney Film games