So you have created your multimedia project! Well the good news is that if sampled the moderator will see it in action. But they also like you to get some evidence for your folder to complement this.

Where do you start? Basically whatever you include as evidence, the following questions must be answered YES.

1. Have you followed your designs and completed them as you wished?

2. Is there a consistent housestyle and again does it match your designs?

3. Have you shown use of interactivity, multimedia components such as video, sound, navigation etc?


The following guidance on this page will hopefully help to you answer these questions:

Lets answer Question 1 and 2 in one go:

Why not scan your designs and shrink them down and place them next to a screenshot of your finsihed page. You can then have the opportunity to discuss what you have done on each page as well as showing how you have been successful with achieving what you set out to do.

Dont panic if you changed your mind and altered your final page compared to the design; if you did this just explain why you altered your initial design. This is often expected, all we ask is that you just note the alterations and reasons for any changes.

On the same document you could mention your housestyle and how you implemented it. Oh, dont forget to indicate that you have been consistent in your use of your housestyle on all of your pages; I know that it should be obvious just by looking at it but its still worth mentioning.


Lets answer Question 3:

Well, its time to show off what you have created with all the cool features. However, you will not need evidence of every single item. Instead you should obtain evidence of just one good example of the items below (unless you have a number of brilliant examples and want to show off). Also add a sentence or two. Here are some questions that you should answer as you go through this:

Where have you done this?

What have you done?

How did you do it?

Why have you done this? Did it help to meet your success criteria?

Now for some evidence. The order is not important, however your teacher may suggest an order for you to complete this:

Evidence of Video
A screenshot of the events of just one of your videos will do along with the page were the video appears. Remember to include screenshots of any control buttons plus the control settings. Do include a sentence or two explaining what the screenshots show.

Evidence of Navigation System
I assume that you have created a top page master with some buttons that navigate around your project. Ok, this does not have to be on every page, however you need to get evidence of your navigation. Perhaps taking screenshots of the top master and one of the pages that it appears would be enough; although do mention the other pages that you have put it on. If you have created a pop up menu show both views plus the events that control the pop up.

Have you created a quiz? Some screenshots of a couple of the questions would be enough. For all of these show one of the events and any properties that you have made.

Evidence of Interactivity
So you have set up some instances of when you hover over text or an image something happens; Glowing, changing colour, size or even movement of some form are some of the methods of interactivity. How about some screenshots of before and after as well as showing events and properties. Certainly describe which pages have these but only show evidence of one example of each type that you have included in your project.

Evidence of Sound
Show the event of the sound on one of your pages; note sound in video does not count - it must be a seperate sound.

Have I missed anything? Well you can of course include evidence of any special events that you have made; get the credit that you deserve!

A final note: if you have not also described What .... Where .... How .... Why.... then I am afraid you are not going to get he highest marks.