The tutorials below will help to learn Scratch 2.0 while making a range of games, all of which are based on the Sony Playstation EyeToy. To make these games, you need Scratch 2.0 installed or you can use the web based version. You will also need a webcam on your PC.

Wishi Washi
You will create a splatter sprite and program it to be cloned. If the there is enough motion over each splatter, it disappears and increases your score. You will also create a timer for a little extra pressure. I have included some graphics that you can download to dress your window.

1. Cloning: Create and clone splatters
2. Sensing: Detect motion
3. Variables: Adding a score and timer.
4. Dressing up the window and add

Kung Foo
Very similar to Wishi Washi, however each ninja will be animated when you hit them

1. Hitting ninjas
2. Hitting you
3. Visual way of displaying timer.

Ghost Catcher
Based on the game Wishi Washi however you will have to either wear gloves to play or use an object to catch them.

1. Animating: Catching and shrinking ghosts
2. Special effects: Adding lighting and setting the ghostly mood

Keep Ups
This is more tricky as the ball has to go in a different direction when hit and of course there is gravity.

1. Hitting and bouncing ball
2. Adding gravity: using a variable for gravity

Plate Spinner
Spinning, crashing and breaking plates. Also a menu that your motion can control.

1. Animation: Spinning plate
2. Variables: Setting a spin speed
3. Menu: Add a motion menu

You can download all the graphics that I use in my tutorials which are similar to the ones used in EyeToy Play:

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