The tutorials below will help to learn Scratch 2.0 while making a range of arcade games. Space Invaders, Tanks, Asteroids tutorials can be found in my Scratch 1.4 tutorials on this website. To make these games, you need Scratch 2.0 installed or you can use the web based version.

The cabinet was never anything to speak about, however its a much loved game. Dodge the traffic and jump on the logs and turtles to make it home.

1. Jumping frog, animation and scoring
2. Moving traffic and getting run over
3. Jumping on moving logs/turtles
4. Making it home five times with a timer for pressure

A fairy simple game of a bat and ball. Except you need the ball to hit blocks which disappear.

1. Controlling the bat and ball
2. Hitting the blocks
3. Adding Levels

Another racing car game. This is slightly different as you have to collect flags without running out of fuel

1. Car control including not going through walls
2. Visual representation of fuel remaining
3. Bing chased by cars controlled by computer
4. Cloning smoke to stop being chased

Jump diagonally and change the colours of the blocks. Once all the blocks are the same colour you can go to the next level; easier than it sounds.

1. Basic cubes and jumping
2. Changing colours of blocks and scoring.
3. Keeping track of colours.

Dig around underground and explode the other characters by pumping them up.

1. Movement underground; digging tunnels
2. Other characters movement
3. Pumping and exploding characters
4. Finishing touches: score, music etc

Missle Command
Metorites are falling and destroying your cities. You need to use the mouse to fire at them before they hit.

1. Tracing paths of metorites and adding graphics
2. Firing at metorites and scoring
3. Exploding cities that are hit

There should be no need to explain this game; it has been remade numerous times even for mobile phones.

1. Moving around the maze without going through walls.
2. Collecting dots and gaining points
3. Being chased by ghosts
4. Catching the ghosts when they are running away

You can download all the graphics that I use in my tutorials here: