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  • understand the meaning of the term 'algorithm'
  • create algorithms for others to follow


  • Type instructions from room location to another in school; identify good techniques used
  • Repeat last task, however students dont let others know the destination.  A partner then has to identify the destination by following their algorithm.
  • Show visual algorithms ie lego instructions
  • in pairs, students build a Lego contruction 15-20 bricks including minifigures.
  • Students then take photo of end result and break up into seperate bricks.  Instructions are printed and placed in bag along with all bricks.  Only bricks used to go into bags!
  • Others then can see if algorithms/instructions can be followed.  Students to take photos and compare with originals

Extension/Homework ideas
  • Can the instructions/algorithms be refined or improved; what are good keywords?

  • Successful and identical builds made