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Task 2:

1. Open your PAINT program.

2. Use the Brush tool, medium round point, in black, to draw a free-form rectangular type shape to fit the viewing screen. Do not go off the screen.

3. Use the same tool to draw your first and last names in "creative block lettering" to FIT the shape of your rectangle. If one of your names has only a few letters, then the letters in the other name will need to be enlarged to fit the remainder of the space. The letters should look as if they have been "squashed" to fit. Letters should NOT overlap or touch.

4. Fill your background areas with dark gray. This can be changed later after the design is complete.

5. Use any other drawing tools to add lines or shapes to create a patterned design in EACH letter. Fill these designs with bright colors.


6. After you have completed your letter designs, you may change the background color as you wish. NOTE: If you use black and do not like it, do NOT just color over it. First, use the Undo tool (under Edit) to erase the black. This will leave the lines around your letters in black.

OPTION: This design can be printed in black and white. Then color can be added using colored pencils or markers.