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Task 1:


wpe7.jpg (20494 bytes)  wpe13.jpg (21395 bytes)

This design is created by selecting a "block type" font, such as BRAGGADOCIO.  Other fonts can be equally successful in creating these designs.

Change font size to 72 or more.  Write your name in all capital letters.  Begin changing each shape in the name to a different color.  For example:

wpe8.jpg (14395 bytes)

Now use the Select tool and draw a box around the entire name in color.  Then, Edit, Copy, then Edit, and Paste.  While this is still "selected", go to Image, then Flip/Rotate, then when the menu box pops up, Flip Vertical.  Then move the selected shape right underneath the first name.

wpe9.jpg (15621 bytes)

Make sure you align it very carefully, so there is no white space between the two names.

wpeA.jpg (12802 bytes)

Now, Edit, and Paste again, and carefully align as before.

wpeF.jpg (35349 bytes)

Then, select the entire shape, go to Image, Flip/Rotate, and rotate this shape by either 90 or 270 degrees.wpe10.jpg (34989 bytes)

Then, you can become very creative and add to your design as you wish.  Remember, there are lots of fonts that can be used for this project.  The wide fonts are the easiest to work with.