Task 3 Calculating predictions

Adam has provided some data from the first quarter (three months). This shows details of the range of movies which MStreamIT currently has available for the ‘Stream-as-kids-go’ package and the number of purchases of each movie. Adam has set a target revenue of at least £7,500 per quarter from streaming these movies.

Develop a solution to record:

• the categories and details of movies that have been streamed
• movies rated certificate PG
• the total purchases for each movie
• the five most popular movies
• the total purchases for each category in the first quarter
• the average number of purchases for each category in the first quarter, rounded to the nearest whole number
• whether or not Adam has achieved his target revenue.

B. Market research has suggested that if you decrease your price by 10% this should lead to an increase in sales of 10%. Analyse if it would be worth Adam considering offering a 10% discount. MStreamIT needs you to help promote the company in order to increase customers.


Learning Outcome 2 and part of Learning Outcome 4

As a reminder here are the selected LO's criteria for marking these tasks: