Task 2 – Promotional material

MStreamIT needs you to help promote the company in order to increase customers.

A. Adam has bought some advertising space (6 cm wide by 12 cm high) in a magazine. He needs to make the best use of this space to encourage people to visit the exhibition stand. He can only afford to advertise in one edition.

  • Create a suitable advert. Adam has provided some text for the advert which he would like you to use.

B. Adam is also planning to promote the special ‘Stream-as-kids-go’ top-up card at the exhibition. A parent or guardian must register their details and that of the child/children to ensure that the top-up card can only be used to buy movies with the correct certificate rating. An adult can top up the cards from as little as £5.00 up to £50.00. With over 50 suitable movies available for instant viewing, these cards make a great present.

  • Use the internet to source suitable images for a publicity solution for the ‘Stream-as-kids-go’ top-up card. Record the copyright details of these images so that Adam can request permission to use them.
  • Produce an item of publicity that Adam can use to help launch the ‘Stream-as-kids-go’ top-up card as well as to promote the company.


Parts of Learning Outcomes 1, 3 and 4

As a reminder here are the selected LO's criteria for marking these tasks:

Produces a well structured, logical system to store electronic information, in which
all folders have meaningful names
all files are saved in an appropriate file type with meaningful names and, where
• appropriate, versions of file(s) are clearly identified all files are stored logically within the folder structure.

Enters effective search criteria into a search engine to find appropriate information, which fully meets the specified requirements, and records the Copyright holder(s) of the information found accurately and thoroughly.


Creates a range of file types, in each case selecting the appropriate medium for the type of communication.

Uses the tools and facilities in each type of software effectively to meet all of the specified requirements.

Includes content that fully meets the specified requirements and is wholly suitable for the target audience. Few, if any, errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Makes effective use of formatting tools and applies them consistently.

The application of formatting tools thoroughly enhances the overall appearance of the document and means the information is consistently clear and easy to read.

Works independently to enhance the appearance of the output.