Task 1 Company image

MStreamIT needs to adopt a professional approach when communicating electronically with its customers. All customer enquiries must receive a response within 24 hours, even if the person who has been emailed is not at work that day.

A. Adam would like you to set up your email system using tools and features of email software to help portray a professional and efficient company image.

B. Produce an information document which explains to all employees the importance of email etiquette and the tools and features of email software they will need to use.


Parts of Learning Outcomes 1, 3 and 4

As a reminder here are the selected LO's criteria for marking these tasks:

Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the common and advanced tools and features of email software. Demonstrates a thorough understanding of email etiquette.


Creates a range of file types, in each case selecting the appropriate medium for the type of communication.

Uses the tools and facilities in each type of software effectively to meet all of the specified requirements.

Includes content that fully meets the specified requirements and is wholly suitable for the target audience. Few, if any, errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Makes effective use of formatting tools and applies them consistently.

The application of formatting tools thoroughly enhances the overall appearance of the document and means the information is consistently clear and easy to read.

Works independently to enhance the appearance of the output.